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Her legacy
A Life That Touches Many  

It has been our prayer that God would use Abby's life to touch the lives of others with His love and mercy.  Here are a few people that have shared with us about how Abby's life has touched them.

This is her legacy ...

From Joyce  

I am an Emergency Department nurse who has been asked by the Emergency Nursing Association to give a presentation on the death of a child at the national conference in October of next year. They, as I, felt it is important to inform nurses of the importance of allowing families time with thier child, holding them, dressing them, etc when their child dies in the ER. Many ER's find this a foreign concept and consequently do not allow for this to be done and do not have a policy. I am trying to create national champions who will turn this thinking around and advocate for parents, such as yourself, and who will promote photos of their children as well. I am hoping that to do this, and to touch the hearts of nurses you will grant me permission to use Abby's pictures that you have included as well as some of your story in my presentation. You have tugged at my heart and I will certainly make it a tender tribute to Abby's memory and trust that she will be used to touch hearts so that a grieving family might leave the ER with a small memory that we as nurses can provide in order to help families begin to heal. Both my husband and I are touched by your story and your testimony. The music and your pictures are so beautiful and the words are so true. It gives me hope that Jesus is holding my 2 little embryos that we lost a few years ago and that we will too, one day see. Thank you for being so candid and brave.

From Kelli  

I really wanted to tell you that God has used you in my life to help me so much to deal with losing Riley...and to feel like its allright to grieve. Unfortunately as you already know, having another baby doesn't take away that pain, but it does lessen the blow. We often wonder why Cooper made it but the other 4 died from the same complications he had? Only God knows...
I guess mostly I wanted ot encourage you that God has laid you on my heart lately to pray for you and so I have been. I am glad I saw your myspace page when I was in the thick of my greiving process...thank you for sharing your heart. You really have ministered to many.

From Jonalee  

I found your testimonal by a round about way... long story... and there was a link to your myspace for the slideshow of your precious baby Abby. For a while I have been contemplating being a photographer to the local hospitals for times like yours. Your story has inspired me and touched my heart. Thank you for sharing it and being a brave woman of God. My husband and I had a miscarriage at almost 3 months and that was hard enough, I can not even imagine what your family has come through. The good news is that our babies are in the hands of the Father. There are a few songs that have helped me through all (health and otherwise) of my struggles one is "Held" by Natalie Grant and I think your brother sang "Praise you in this storm". You are so strong and you can tell your family is on "solid ground". Thank you for making this desire to use a gift He has given me at the forefront of my prayer life.

From Cindy  
I visited the MISS site tonight after a year of no contact. I was immediately drawn to your post and then to this gorgeous memorial. I lost my son Micah 8 months into my pregnancy 7/3/03. You've helped me through a rough night. God Bless you and your family. God Bless Abilgail and Micah.
From Sarah  
I came across your page on babyfit which lead me to your beautiful daughter's website and read your story. I have never been so touched or moved by the strength you have had through loosing your daughter. I have been sitting here crying my eyes out for the past 20 minutes, so amazed how you have made it through . I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. I have been inspired by you to get back in touch with God, and realize that even in death, life is so precious and wonderful.
Thank you,
From Desiree  
My name is Desiree. I have read your thoughts thru Janet's page. I am seeking the Lord right now. I am trying to surround myself with people to help me on my walk. Your words speak to me and I would love to be your friend. There is nothing I want more in this world than to know God!!!!!!! I just struggle with the "how to get there"! Can you help me?  I think your page spoke to me because you seem so encouraging. No one can give up around you. lol! You absolutely have the lord in your life. Unlike other people who "claim" they do. As for my loss.... I have never lost a child. I am recently divorced. I lost my family, which is the most imporntant thing to me. I was married for 11 years. I have two daughters. The thing I struggle with is that I decided to not be in the life that we were leading with him. I struggle and wonder everyday if I made the right decision. My children are safe now, as am I.  However now we feel like we are not whole.
From Courtney  
I'm a friend of Janets and I saw your comment when you found out she was with child. I look at your profile, and went to Abby's page. I cried for hours but I felt something else there too.
Janet has lived with me in the past few months while she was waiting for Ben. Before her I believed that the people I lost were looking after me somewhere, but I didn't fully believe in God or Heaven.
Now thanks to people like her and public profiles like your and you wanting to share yoiur story, there is not a doubt in my mind that he is there reason for everything.
I read the blog about 90 mins in heaven. I went out and bought it one day with Janet. At the end, if you remember it says something like the man thought he was put through his pain and everything he went through to help other people. I think that's why you are here too. And I think maybe that you going through what you have gone through and still looking to god instead of turning away (like a lot of people) really helps people like me who are just staring to turn to him.
My Dad has Cancer. He has had it for almost a year. In the begining I was so mad at God. I thought why me?!! Why him? I was just stating my divorce and I said to god. You can't take him now!!! I NEED him. Over the year I have came to peace with everything. I'm a healthcare worker and I can and have helped people go through things mediclly and spiritly.
I'm sorry for telling you my life story and I realize I'm just rambiling now. Then main thing I want to say to you is Thank You. You and Abby have touched and changed a strangers life. Thank you.
From LaShae  
I found your website for your sweet little girl so encouraging. I also had that unexplainable peace durring everything. I was raised in the church and when we lost Camden all I knew to do was lean on the church people and God. Thanks for writing what you did on the website, it helped me more than you will ever know.
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