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Poem for Abby....  / Emilie Jarman (Angel Logan's Mommy )  Read >>
Poem for Abby....  / Emilie Jarman (Angel Logan's Mommy )


Little bitty girl.
In Every.
Every Single Way.

Soft, itsy bitsy feet....
And dimples in her hands.
Right where they should be.

Kissing and kissing and kissing her.
Never enough.
Never, never enough.

The sweet curls.....
Framing her face....

Her innocence.
Pure, and unblemished

For her very first breath.....
Not of this world.

But in Gods hands Close
Song for Abby & Angel Baby Jesse ...  / Larry Herlinger (Friend of Family & Jesse's Daddy )  Read >>
Song for Abby & Angel Baby Jesse ...  / Larry Herlinger (Friend of Family & Jesse's Daddy )

"Moments With You"
Written for Abby & Jesse
By Lawrence Herlinger II

There's sweetness in the air
And a glow on her face
O there's nothing
that could darken this day
Cause the positive test
Brought joy to her soul as she thought
about the baby
That she would soon hold
But as time moved on
The fears did surround
Something was wrong
No heartbeat could be found

And her world crashed down
and she fell apart
And I can hear these words bleeding
from her heart

Why were you put in my life
For these moments
to just slip away?
I'm torn and broken inside
So many moments
I just hide away

A pink room was waiting
For a miracle to see
Butterflies and birds, flowers and bees
Every kick she felt
From her little girl made her think
About the moment
She was waiting for
And she prayed to God
The nurse was wrong
But the doctor said I'm sorry
Your baby is gone

And her world crashed down
and she fell apart
And I can hear these words bleeding
from her heart

Why were you put in my life
For these moments
to just slip away?
I'm torn and broken inside
So many moments
I just hide away

And I don't understand as I'm
walking through this pain
Why you left this world before I
even saw your face
But I'll look forward
till the day when we meet
But for at Jesus' feet

And I don't know
Why you were put in my life
For these moments
To just slip away
But I'll cherish these moments I had
Every heartbeat and kick, every day
And I don't know
Why you were put in my life
For these moments
to just slip away
But I'll cherish these moments I had
Every heartbeat
Every kick
Every day Close
So precious...  / Jane   Read >>
So precious...  / Jane
I just came across your Abby's site from the baby angel pics website and I just had to take a moment to tell you how beautiful your photo album pics are as well as your sweet Abby.  I too am an angel Mommy. I lost my son at 20 weeks.  May you continued to be blessed and watched over by your litte angel Abby. ((((HUGS)))) Close
Dear Abby  / Amy Maxwell (Mommy's sister )  Read >>
Dear Abby  / Amy Maxwell (Mommy's sister )

Dear Abby,  I couldn't sleep tonight.  I've been feeling your mommy's pain.  I know you are with Jesus.  So, say a prayer for her tonight.  I know your prayers for your Mommy and Daddy are the best in the whole creation right now.  I know your prayers will work better than any other because you are so close to Jesus now...and Lord Jesus, let this message reach Abby.  Her mommy and daddy need you now.
I ask you Lord to give them the peace that passes understanding.  You are an awesome God.  Love, Aunt Amy

Remembering You On Mother's Day  / Mommy   Read >>
Remembering You On Mother's Day  / Mommy

No little hugs or kisses
to wake me up on this morn.
No special card or roses sent my way.
Bittersweet feelings, at least a thousand tears;
Quietly, I celebrated you this day.

I am not like the others,
Though I still wear the name.
I cannot hold you in my arms,
But I love you just the same.

I knelt beside your resting place,
Though I knew you were not there.
I prayed to God in Heaven:
A peace I found in knowing,
sweet child, you're in His care.

To see a mother with her baby-
How my heart breaks in two;
But never would I trade this pain
If it meant there had no been you.

At times I feel I cannot go on-
Living this life without you.
Yet hidden behind my deepest grief
There is joy unexpainably true.

For my daughter, you will always be a blessing from above.
Your brief existence has bestowed on me a name I cherish dear.
And although this day is not what I imagined it to be,
I will treasure it because of you- 

Written by Jana Spigener
In loving remebrance of
Mercedes Ruth Spigener
Stillborn at 39 weeks
September 21, 1995 Close
A Lament for My Baby  / Mommy   Read >>
A Lament for My Baby  / Mommy
I never got to hear you laugh
you never saw me cry
didnt get a chance to say "Hello"
you never said "Goodbye"
I didn't think that I could feel
so sad, lost and forlorn.
I never knew God chose his Angels
before some of them were born.
Your life was short yet special
I shared it all exclusively
I felt you breathe, I felt you kick.
You were alive inside of me.
Every baby is an Angel
and every angel is divine
God needed one in heaven
He came down and took mine
And although we are not together
we're not really apart
for you'll always occupy a space
deep within my heart.
Time has begun to ease my pain
It's only some days now I cry.
When I wish I could have said "Hello"
and heard you say "Goodbye" 

~Author Unknown Close
sweet baby girl...  / Emilie Jarman Logans Mommy   Read >>
sweet baby girl...  / Emilie Jarman Logans Mommy
Emily and Chad,

Your faith is tremendous, and really touches my heart....I hope that someday I will feel the same peace that you do, knowing your sweet Abby girl is in heaven....she truly, truly, is a beautiful baby girl.

Lots of love,
Emilie Close
PRAISE God for MERCY & LOVE....Little Abigail  / Fefica Dean (Friend of Aunt Amy )  Read >>
PRAISE God for MERCY & LOVE....Little Abigail  / Fefica Dean (Friend of Aunt Amy )

I PRAISE God for His Mercy and LOVE in the midst of our sad physical experiences.

Abigail was known by God before she was in the womb and she is with Him in spirit and truth.

Oh, I PRAISE God for sending Abigail to such a wonderful family, with PARENTS who TRUST God in the midst of the pain.

I THANK God for your testimony. Please know that the ripple effect of Abigail is felt in the spirit realm, far beyond our understanding.

Remember when you can't do anything...just STAND and PRAISE God for His goodness and mercy. For this day He hath given you a joy to share with the world that they may know He lives and reigns in the lives of His people even in challenges of physical lost.

So my dear friends, keep PRAISING and PRAYING for God's presence, purpose and positioning of His people that His PROMISE of Kingdom come...His will be done is complete as we claim the promise of eternal life and rest in the will of God as Abigail is in spirit.

Love you and God's PRESENCE be upon you all in Jesus name!!!

Minnesota, U.S.A.

My prayers always !  / Tina Allen (Church friend )  Read >>
My prayers always !  / Tina Allen (Church friend )
Emily & Chad ~

It has taken me a bit to come here after Angel had let me know about Abby. I couldnt bring myself to it right away.  My heart aches for you.  After reading your beautiful memorial and viewing the pictures though.  I wish to tell you what a beautiful baby girl and what a blessing to hold her even for such a short time.  What a precious gift.  Know that mine and Angels thoughts and prayers are with you always.  Know that your unending faith in our Father had warmed my heart.  Remember always ~ she is with him safe happy and strong.  And one day soon you will hold her again.  

Thank you for sharing this time and sharing such a precious gift.

Tina & Angel Close
A note to Abigail  / Rosie Franklin (family friend )  Read >>
A note to Abigail  / Rosie Franklin (family friend )
I know it's cliche, but Abby, you will be missed.  We were really looking forward to getting to know you.  Do know that we are praying for your mommy, daddy, and big brother. Close
Love to you Abigail  / Barbara Forney (Loving Friend )  Read >>
Love to you Abigail  / Barbara Forney (Loving Friend )
Dearest Abby,
I wish I would have been able to hold you in my arms, and to
give you butterfly kisses.  I know how wonderful and special  you would have been because you came from such great stock.  I know that life is short, but this is too short.  Your passing continues to remind me, how precious each day is, and to tell your friends and family that you love them, because you don't know what tomorrow holds.  But we do know what eternity holds, and Thank G-D for that. I know  that Abby and Russ have met each other, and I am sure he is holding Sunday School and Abby is one of Russ's star pupils.  It just warms my heart to think of them together.
Emily and Chad, I know this is hard, but one day soon, you will 
be together again.  Any you will be able to give your little girl butterfly kisses, and she can tell you of all the beautiful places to go and see in heaven.  She will give you the guided tour.  I know that I look forward to that day.  The time we have on this earth is just seconds compared to eternity, that we have in heaven.
I love you all, there is such a special place in my heart for your family.
G-D Bless you, and Keep you and may his face always shine upon
With all my love
Barb Close
Always remembered...  / Cherri Wright (Friend)  Read >>
Always remembered...  / Cherri Wright (Friend)

I never got to hold and love on Abby but I think of her often someday we will all rejoice together with Abby and The Father, in "The Land of Grace" Until then she has a special place in our hearts.
As always....never stopping....when I pray....I pray for both you and Chad and Ben. We love you all very much!

Missing you...  / Gina Smith (aunt)  Read >>
Missing you...  / Gina Smith (aunt)

Little Abby-girl, We hope you are having lots of fun with Jesus in heaven.  Don't worry about your Daddy, Mommy and Brother we are all looking after them. We miss you.  Love~Aunt Gina

A Beautiful Witness  / Tom Sweets (Former Pastor of Emily )  Read >>
A Beautiful Witness  / Tom Sweets (Former Pastor of Emily )

This web site is a beautiful witness to the gift of life that was given in Abigail and the faith of her parents.  God Bless you all.

A Tribute to Abigail  / Pam &. Tommy Hundley (Emily's cousin/Carla & Shelly's brother )  Read >>
A Tribute to Abigail  / Pam &. Tommy Hundley (Emily's cousin/Carla & Shelly's brother )

We realize we'll have to wait a little longer before we can meet and share time and stories.  We have quite a few! Like the day I (Pam) recall so clearly that I met your momma  Nana Sherry and Poppy Rich
had come to Charleston where  Great Grandma Fitzgerald lived.  
Your (second) cousin Tommy and I were getting married in two days.
We were standing on Grandma Fitzgerald's sidewalk and I was basking in the center of attention.  Tommy's sisters Carla and Shelly were there as well as your Uncle Erik and Aunt Amy.  Nana and Poppy and a few others - your (second) cousins Kim and Kristy Fitzgerald, and Missy Samples, Tommy, myself - maybe more.  We were ALL talking at once and I was overwhelmed to say the least!
When all of a sudden I heard the sweetest, tiniest little voice say, 
"Hi, Pam."  I'm not sure if anyone else heard it but I certainly did and I began to frantically look for the voice's carrier.  It was like the woman with the issue of blood who made her way through the crowd to touch the hem of Jesus' garment.  Jesus asked,  "Who touched me?" and Peter thought the question was a little ridiculous because the entire crowd that had gathered around Him was vying for his attention.  But Jesus knew what He felt and I knew what I had heard.  It was peace to my ears and sweetness to my heart.
And like the sea parted before Moses (I KNOW you've heard these stories by now) so did the crowd before me and in the center of the 
crowd was the most beautiful, angelic-faced little girl with sandy/
brown hair in pig-tail braids.  Her green eyes, olive skin, and tender smile captured my heart and for the rest of the evening I found myself gravitating towards this precious angel of a child who was your mother Emily.  This little girl was very special.  She also was 
the "apple" of her daddy's eye and she grew up to make him and everyone who knew her very proud.  It is my belief that God thought SO much of you that He chose to allow your momma and daddy to be the ones to bring you forth and among us all.  There is no doubt in my mind that the same words I can use to describe your mother are the very same words that the Lord and all that know you can use to describe you and the impact your life has had on each of us.  Pray for us as we run this race of life on Earth.  We will all bring our stories and our love and devotion to share with you.  I look forward to hearing your voice call to me when we are all gathered on Grandma Fitzgerald's sidewalk in Heaven.  You've brought me to tears.  :)
My love forever to you and your dear family, Abby. - Cousins Pam, 
Tommy, Thomas, Benji, and Natalie Hundley in Broken Arrow, OK

My heart goes out to you  / Sandy (none)  Read >>
My heart goes out to you  / Sandy (none)
I was very lucky god speard my daughters life. She had her cord wrapped around her neck when she was born. Her vital signs where down to almost nothing, and they where hving real difficulties delivering her. It was the most terrifying heart breaking feeling I had ever had because I was not suppose to be able to have children. 

To see you both made such a beautiful memorial and tribute to your baby girl at the toughest moment any parents and family should have to face says allot about who you all are, and how much love there is in your hearts. I never knew you or your daughter but I know from one mom to another she knows you love her and she is waiting for that day you will be together again. 

I have worked with March of dimes the last 12 years, and walked the past 5 because of these things that take our babies home to god so early. This year I dedicate my walk to you and your family.

God Bless. Close
A poem  / Annette~ Mommy To Angel Ava Carmella (  Read >>
A poem  / Annette~ Mommy To Angel Ava Carmella (
There's a pain beyond imaging
That's burning in your heart
For suddenly your whole world
Has been cruelly ripped apart
All words of consolation
Which are bound to come your way
Will probably seem empty
And of little use today
For when you ask the question why
It makes no sense at all
That one so precious had to die

The only source of comfort
Is your memories and the love
And they will shine forever
Like the brightest star above
A flame that burns eternally
So strong it light the sky
And even through your darkest days
That flame will never die
So many people share your pain
We grieve with you as one
The gift of life gets taken back
But the love goes on and on

~The love we feel for our babies will never be taken away, it will never fade and it will never change. That love will always be with us, carried in our hearts and souls for eternity. I pray that our babies have met up there in Heaven. It gives me comfort knowing that Ava is not alone. Though I wish that neither of our baby girls had to be there at all. Abigail is beautiful, a perfect little angel. I hope the love and dedication you have shown in making this site for Abigail will give others the strength to do the same. I know Abigail would be proud. Please let me know if you ever need anything. I'm always there,
~Annette, Ava's Mommy

[IMG][/IMG] Close
Pass It On  / Ron Freudenberg (Great Uncle )  Read >>
Pass It On  / Ron Freudenberg (Great Uncle )
I thought I would pass on the content of an e-mail that I received:

I just finished that book "Why?" by Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham's
daughter and some of the quotes she used really touched me and I
thought I would share them
Here are those quotes I was telling you about:

The burden of suffering
seems a tombstone hung about our necks,
while in reality it is only the weight
which is necessary
to keep down the diver
while he is hunting for pearls.
-Jean Paul Richter

Be assured that if God waits longer than you could wish,
it is only to make the blessing doubly precious.
-Andrew Murray

Measure thy life by loss and not by gain,
Not by the wine drunk,but by the wine poured forth.
For love's strength standeth in love's sacrifice,
And he who suffers most has most to give.

I have learnt to love the darkness of sorrow;
there you see the brightness
of His face.
-Madame Guyon 

All of our lives on earth are brief, in the light of eternity.
-Uncle Ron
precious abigail  / Shelly And David Conrad (cousin)  Read >>
precious abigail  / Shelly And David Conrad (cousin)

Baby Abigail,
                         If only you knew how much everyone already loved you. We were all anticipating your arrival and couldn't wait to meet you face to face.
We are so thankful to know that you are now resting peacefully in the presence of our merciful Father. We will continue to keep all of those you left behind in our prayers and know that Christ will carry them, as only He can. Much love to you, sweet little one, and to your family.
                                                     Shelly & David Conrad

No Pain or Sorrow...  / Cherri Wright (Dear Friend )  Read >>
No Pain or Sorrow...  / Cherri Wright (Dear Friend )

Even though we all are experincing pain and sorrow at the unexpected loss of Abigail Grace, we can rest in the knowedge that she is peacefully experincing only Joy and Happiness in heaven where there is No Pain and No Sorrow. 
I like to believe that she is your personal guardian angel looking over all three of you until you are with her again. 
She was only with us a short time and never got to meet all the people who love her so, but she has touched so many lives and made a permanet impresion and will hold a special spot in all of our hearts forever.
I will never forget Abilagil Graceland and I know I am not the only one who feels this way.
Emily and Chad You and Ben are in my prayers...
Love you guys,

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